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mysql probe does not support MySQL version 8

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  • 1.  mysql probe does not support MySQL version 8

    Posted 02-20-2020 09:23 AM

    ​Hi, unfortunately the mysql probe was not updated for a long time and it does not support mysql version 8.

    Are there any news when a new mysql probe will be published to support mysql version 8?

    Authentication mode has changed so existing mysql probe is not able to login.

    Error message in Connection profile of mysql probe: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MYSQL Client

    thank you very much

    best regards

  • 2.  RE: mysql probe does not support MySQL version 8
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    Posted 02-20-2020 09:53 AM
    Looks like in Mysql 8 they changed the password authentication from mysql_native_password to caching_sha2_password
    This would suggest a new version of the MYSQL probe will be required with this new library to make work.
    I would suggest you open an IDEA on the idea wall so that product management can consider it for the next release.

    There is a possible workaround by changing the login back to the old method for the user you are using on the probe only.

    You can change the authentication plugin used on a per-user basis by running this MySQL command:

    ALTER USER 'wp_cli_test'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'password1';
    Found this here:

    Gene Howard
    Principal Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: mysql probe does not support MySQL version 8

    Posted 02-21-2020 06:20 AM

    Hi Gene,
    thank you very much for your information and your link with a possible temporary solution. I will ask my mysql colleague if option 1 is really an option for us.
    Nevertheless is it hard that the support told me that I should raise an idea, where I will receive 2 likes or maybe 3 and no one from Broadcom will recognize it, that we need a new working mysql probe version.
    The last mysql version 1.51. is from November 2016! It's a long time ago.
    I must tell my customer that he must wait maybe until 2021/2022 because there is nobody from the support who could tell the engineers that a probe is not working anymore or maybe is someone updating the probe?
    As you can imagine and I hope you understand that is not the szenario I want to face, if probes don't support newer product versions.
    Thank you for your support!

    Best regards

  • 4.  RE: mysql probe does not support MySQL version 8

    Posted 02-21-2020 06:45 AM
    I totally agree with Robert that (common) probes must support new software versions without a need to raise "ideas" (that are very good hidden compared with the old communities website, with as result that the number of votes is not really a reality reflection) without knowing "if" and "when" the new software version will be supported.
    Perhaps we need to raise an idea on that?

  • 5.  RE: mysql probe does not support MySQL version 8

    Posted 02-24-2020 04:41 AM
    Edited by Olaf Pape 02-24-2020 04:41 AM
    I agree with Robert, too. An application probe should always be able to monitor the latest version of the application, without us having to raise an idea.
    With new features for probes I can still understand this, but not with the support of the latest version.

    It would be a good idea if, in addition to a product roadmap, there was also a probe roadmap, which would then be published and give customers planning predictability.