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duplicate entries

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  • 1.  duplicate entries

    Posted 01-16-2020 03:58 AM
    Dear team

    We are having duplicate entries for lots of servers . Here is the environment
    UIM - upgraded from 8.47 to 9.0.2
    Server name - Test1 - This is showing twice in USM

    Test1 has 7.80 controller , cdm - 6.30 and process probe -4.30
    Origin - Collector1 which has 7.97hf7 robot and 7.97 hf6 hub and netconnect probe

    This gives 2 cs_id - 36042 and 42271

    SELECT * FROM CM_DEVICE WHERE cs_id = 36042;
    This gives two dev id which gives result of probe as niscache and  other devid as controller ( here the dev_src_id is null)

    We know that this is because of robot and other probes we are getting two entries . Is there any way to get rid of duplicate entries and make it as once without affecting the data.

    Also is it a good practice to delete the niscache for all the robots ?


  • 2.  RE: duplicate entries
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-16-2020 07:20 AM
    About the niscache, yes, you can do it!
    Article title: How to Clean Niscache Folder on All Active Robots

    About the Duplicated Servers, we recommend you to do the Reset Discovery Steps in a few ones to validate the solution:

    Anyway, I would recommend you to open a Support Ticket for further analysis.

    Technical Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: duplicate entries

    Posted 01-16-2020 10:27 AM

    As for this:
    "This gives two dev id which gives result of probe as niscache and  other devid as controller "
    It is normal, just a result of info for the device coming from different sources.

    Any time there is a system config change at a robot, such as name, IP address, MAC address change then niscache should be cleared.

    Duplicate entries could be the result of different information for the same system not getting correlated, or a system change resulting in a new device UIM side getting created. In the latter case data will stop showing up for the old device and the new device will not show any prior historical data.  

    Support Engineer