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Valid Login for Probe Utility

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  • 1.  Valid Login for Probe Utility

    Posted 02-26-2020 07:41 AM
    I want someone in one of my support teams to be able to run some probe utility commands locally on their solaris servers.

    I only have access to windows servers for testing, but I've found I have to use the Nimsoft administrator credentials to make it work. Local admin credentials give a permission denied error.

    Obviously I don't want to distribute the Nimsoft administrator credentials.

    What credentials are valid for using with the probe utility?

  • 2.  RE: Valid Login for Probe Utility
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    Posted 02-26-2020 08:34 AM
    Hi Gary,

    You must use a NimBUS administrative user. You can define other/new NimBUS users via the Infrastructure Manager->Security->User Administration, and assign them to an ACL that contains specific permissions, but you may find that some commands fail based on their defined access and what commands they are trying to run. For example, I created an administrative user steved and assigned a specific ACL for that user.

    ...\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin>pu.exe -u steved -p xxxxxxxx /lvnxxxxxxxx23_domain/lvnxxxxxxxx23_hub/lvnxxxxxxxx23/controller get_info


    Support Engineer