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  • 1.  UIM Can't add relay hub device

    Posted 08-21-2018 04:54 AM

    Hey everyone,


    I'm trying out the UIM trial for my company to check if it's viable for us to use. However, I already ran against a problem. I have a second laptop on which I have a virtual machine with a Windows Server 2012 on it. On this machine I installed the relay hub to make a connection back to the UIM cloud platform. The installation itself poses no problem, however when I want to add the device I get the following error

    I use the credentials to login into the windows server machine.

    Can somebody help me with this?

  • 2.  Re: UIM Can't add relay hub device

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 08-27-2018 10:18 AM

    Hi John,


    Sorry for the delayed response on this one.   Are you adding the Relay Hub itself as a device?

    What is the address?