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SNMPTD probe is not showing SNMP traps

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  • 1.  SNMPTD probe is not showing SNMP traps

    Posted 11-02-2017 06:14 AM



    I am using snmptd probe in cauim to configure alerting for Genesys environment.
    I am not able to see SNMP traps in the probe from the genesis system.

    I have to convert the traps into alarms.I have uploaded the MIB file and created profiles as weel.


    Please let me know if I have missed anything.




  • 2.  Re: SNMPTD probe is not showing SNMP traps
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 11-02-2017 11:31 AM



    If you walked through the process here:

    snmptd IM Configuration - CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes - CA Technologies Documentation 


    next step would be to set the loglevel to 5 and logsize to 35000 and review the logs

    make sure the traps are making it to the system


    make sure to enable this as well and check the trap.log

    Log trap to file: logs the incoming trap to the trap.log log file.