DX Unified Infrastructure Management

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  • 1.  Custom access to AdminConsole.

    Posted Nov 21, 2017 03:12 PM

    I have several hubs to serve my clients and a specific client, I need to provide access to the admin console, but he will not be able to see the other hubs, just his. Someone has seen something of the genre or have any idea if it is possible to do.

  • 2.  Re:  Custom access to AdminConsole.

    Posted Nov 22, 2017 07:46 AM

    Is the hub has the SAME origin as the robots? If Yes, it may work with the Account-owned Origin

    If not, By design the way Admin Console builds the views - all robots are viewed as "belonging" to a hub and there's no way to get to a robot view without going "through" the hub so to speak.

    Maybe this is a feature request - something similar to "infrastructure filters" that IM offers.


    Let see others comments.

  • 3.  Re:  Custom access to AdminConsole.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 23, 2017 08:18 PM

    Yes. As Alex said, Admin Console give only a view for HUBs that login account has permission.