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Cloud Virtual Machine monitoring setup procedure

  • 1.  Cloud Virtual Machine monitoring setup procedure

    Posted 11-17-2017 06:45 AM

    Hi guys,


    I am looking for a procedure for installing Agent for monitoring of VM's on cloud infrastructure. And after agent installation, setting up proper monitoring, version of probes recommended etc.




  • 2.  RE: Cloud Virtual Machine monitoring setup procedure

    Posted 08-11-2019 09:36 PM
    See Virtual Machine Installation Requirements:

  • 3.  RE: Cloud Virtual Machine monitoring setup procedure

    Posted 08-12-2019 07:47 AM
    you probably want to look at bulkd deployment options below:

    and then review using the request.cfg to deploy packages

    or look at setting up dynamic groups in USM so when a robot is installed it automatically falls into the correct group and use MSC to deploy the probes and configurations.

    Gene Howard
    Principal Support Engineer