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  • 1.  Maintenance Schedules and USM groups

    Posted Apr 21, 2017 01:16 PM


    I had three maintenance schedules applied to a top level USM group that applied to all my child groups and thus devices. I had one child group that I did not want two of those maintenance schedules applied to so I went to that USM group and deleted the two of concern.


    The problem is this not only removed those two schedules from that USM group but remove those two schedules from all parent and child USM groups globally. 


    This to me does not seem like a logical workflow from an administrators perspective. Have I overlooked some tidbit of information to prevent this undesired behavior?

  • 2.  Re: Maintenance Schedules and USM groups
    Best Answer

    Posted Apr 23, 2017 09:02 PM

    I think this is working as expected , when you create a maintenance schedule at the parent group level it gets applied to all the devices in the sub groups and when you delete one of the schedules it gets removed for all of the sub groups/devices . 


    One point to note here is that the schedules that you apply at the parent group level are applied to the devices inside the sub groups  and not exactly to the sub groups . When you click on the maintenance schedule tab selecting a specific group what you see on right side is the maintenance policy created at the parent group and not the one assigned at the sub group level .


    What differs here is the filter you selected , "filtered by selected group" or "all systems". If you delete the schedule it deletes the schedule globally 




    Now, to remove the maintenance schedule for a specific sub group you would remove the individual systems which belong to that group from maintenance schedule by clicking on the X and not delete the schedule . This will leave the maintenance schedule to be used by other systems 


    Alternatively you can assign the needed maintenance schedules to individual sub groups instead of assigning it at the parent level , this would avoid the need to remove the systems manually after applying the schedule 


    Hope this helps