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UIM forecast report

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  • 1.  UIM forecast report

    Posted 02-11-2018 08:02 AM

    Hi All, We need to create a forecast report to make a capacity management based on the QoS trend line. what are my options?, knowing that, we have UIM with SNMPCollector and CA perfomance canter.


    Thanks in advance  

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    Posted 02-11-2018 06:19 PM

    Are you referring to only the CA Performance Center Console or CA Performance Management ?  If CA PM it has some good reports for capacity analysis like the "Situations to Watch Report" , " Deviations from Normal" reports which gives you the option to compare against a baseline 


    Situations to Watch Report - CA Performance Management - 3.5 - CA Technologies Documentation 

    CA Performance Management 2.8 – Deviations from Normal Improvements - YouTube 


    In CA UIM you can look at the  "Situations to Watch Report" which works based on  Time To Threshold metrics which might be of help


    Considerations and Requirements for Situations to Watch Reports - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.5.1 - CA Tech… 


    CA PM would do a better job with capacity analysis compared to CA UIM if you have it in your environment