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  • 1.  LUA - Load external lua code

    Posted 04-14-2017 10:28 AM



    There may be situations where you want to write "big" lua scripts where you repeat many functions or metatables. For an interval script or a manual script (Dont do this on arrival, or only for 2/3 functions). 


    My example only take ~1millisecond to load (Very clean).


    external.txt with the tdump function : 



    On on my script : 



    Note ( My chunk memory is optimized for my case ). So if you want to load multiple files (like a set of metatables) you have to change the structure. 


    You can also return directly _a(_s(buf)) to delete this useless variable assignment.


    Hope this can be useful for some people ! 


    Best Regards,


  • 2.  Re: LUA - Load external lua code

    Posted 04-14-2017 10:40 AM

    Another note, you can pass arguments to the external lua file : 


    Just add arguments to the export function like this : 

    return export("hello world"); 


    and in the external.txt at the start : 

    return (function (msg)       local function echo()          print (msg);     end      return {         echo = echo     };  end)(...)



    msg is now equal to "hello world" when the function is called.


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  • 3.  Re: LUA - Load external lua code

    Posted 04-24-2017 06:33 AM

    I was not aware but it's possible to use require lua file (with no extensions) into the nas directory or scripts directory. It work too !