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Service availability (health) report

  • 1.  Service availability (health) report

    Posted Feb 03, 2016 01:58 AM

    This question is regarding CA Spectrum and report in Infoview.


    I have one major service created in Service Editor, and this service has other services as resources.

    Let's say for example, this one big service has 20 small services.


    Those services are network links.

    We need to make a report that will show us availability of this big service, with this example:


    If one of those small services (1 of 20) is unavailable the whole time, only 1/20 of pie chart will be red, everything other will be green since this will measure group availability of links.

    If, let's say, one of 20 links is down for 50% of time, then this report should show us only 1/40 of pie chart in red, and everything else in green, if other 19 links (services) under this big service are fine.


    Do I need to change Service policy for this service, or some special report that will show me what i want?

    For now,  I chooose service availability by service name report with Service Health High Sensitivity service policy, and when just one link is down for 100% of time, whole pie chart for this group service is red 100% of time, and I don't want that.


    Also, can I see which one of those small services is down for what time in this big report for group service?


    Best regards,