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Changing the name of a Device not a Robot

  • 1.  Changing the name of a Device not a Robot

    Posted Jan 19, 2016 04:29 PM

    We have a lot of devices in various places and we have automated scripts using QOS_PROCESSOR to rename robots to a specific naming convention. This has worked out great over the years for the *Nix, Win, as400 environments that have robots. More and more of the devices we are adding are either all vmware or snmp collector and they do not create robots and the only way to get these devices to "coalesce" in to UMP is via discovery. If we have a robot first and then add in vmware our name change will stay and we get a device with the correct name and containing vmware metrics,etc. If the device has no robot our name change only appears in the DNS field because we are attempting to change ROBOT and HOST by watching the SOURCE. Has anyone else run in to anything like this, if so how are you working around it? I have had some success with doing a host file on the remote hub, forcing the nslookup of discovery to use my naming convention, but that is a admin nightmare and would like to avoid that if I can.


    If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them, ive floated this by quite a few eyes and im not coming up with anything.....I CHALLENGE THEE  ; - )



    Thanks all !!!