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  • 1.  dirscan - 2 parameters ?

    Posted 09-25-2012 04:56 PM


    we are using the dirscan probe (3.05)  to monitor a folder (windows platform) for zero byte files being created. However, because windows seems to create a zero byte file and then fill it as new files come in to the folder, I get false alarms occasionally.


    Is it possible to combine two parts of dirscan into one alarm - ie file is less than 5 bytes and more than 3 minutes old ?


    And if it is, can any variables be passed to a command from the dirscan alarm/automatic action tab ?


    many thanks,


  • 2.  Re: dirscan - 2 parameters ?

    Posted 09-25-2012 05:46 PM

    To hide the alarm untill 3 minutes has passed you could:


    Set the interval to 3 minutes.

    Make the incoming alarms invisible with a nas pre-processing rule.

    Make it visible in a nas AO profile if the count > 2


    You could get more acurate by generating two alarms from the dirscan. One on age>3mins and one on size<5 bytes. Make them both invisible then correlate these using triggers, or lua and create a new alarm.


    To fire an action you can use the nexec probe and control it from a nas lua script.


    A little convoluted I'm afraid

  • 3.  Re: dirscan - 2 parameters ?

    Posted 09-25-2012 06:06 PM
    Thank you Robin, I don't want to hide the alarm, more I want to check for 0 byte files more than 3 minutes old. If the only way is to write a script to do it, I may as well do that and abandon the nimsoft probe altogether. Which is a shame.


  • 4.  Re: dirscan - 2 parameters ?

    Posted 09-25-2012 06:22 PM



    If I understand it right, no chance to do that by a native probe way, a shame indeed, because a relative simple question.

    To be a bit sarcastic and put my experience into it, open a feature request and if you are lucky and some customer who is going to buy NMS and wants that feature and put it in its contract will get it ;-), so will you, if you do not have that luck, well sit and wait, can be a long time, and sometimes it never made it.


    Otherwise, yes there is a way, to build a little wooden bridge for NMS, but just with scripting.


  • 5.  Re: dirscan - 2 parameters ?

    Posted 09-26-2012 07:22 AM

    I'd go for logmon + powershell

  • 6.  Re: dirscan - 2 parameters ?

    Posted 09-26-2012 02:50 PM
    Thank everyone, all options to consider !

  • 7.  Re: dirscan - 2 parameters ?

    Posted 09-26-2012 05:27 PM
    I have gone with dirscan triggering a script on finding a 0 byte file, the script then perfoming the dual check.

    thanks for the help !