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How to ignore the alarm for Specific Time

  • 1.  How to ignore the alarm for Specific Time

    Posted 01-04-2016 04:01 AM

    Hi All,

    I am a beginner for this CA monitoring tool.


    I want to ignore the monitoring during the server
    maintenance time.


    So that no one gets alarm during those schedule maintenance time.How we can do it?


    Also  , Is this possible to switch off the monitoring for the particular servers/ application in the probe?


    Please guide me.



    Subbiah Kumar

  • 2.  Re: How to ignore the alarm for Specific Time

    Posted 01-04-2016 05:28 AM



    Check the link below (for UIM):



    Infrastructure Manager 




  • 3.  Re: How to ignore the alarm for Specific Time

    Posted 01-04-2016 10:58 AM

    Hi Kumar,

    I don't have the link to using Maintenance Mode in USM no longer (can't seem to find it) I did create a "one page" instruction sheet for our support guys use (basically a copy of the original page). It's contain is pasted below:


    Set Maintenance Windows for Groups

    The maintenance mode feature lets you temporarily suppress monitoring so that only informational alarms are generated for systems.


    Note: The maintenance mode feature in USM replaces the deprecated Maintenance Mode portlet.

    You can schedule recurring maintenance to perform routine system updates. Or, you can place systems in a schedule that runs once only.

    You can also create an ad hoc maintenance schedule if an unplanned outage occurs so that you can quickly respond to the outage.

    To manage maintenance schedules, you must have the Edit Maintenance Mode Schedules permission set in the Access Control List (ACL). To manage the systems in maintenance schedules, you must have the Edit Maintenance Mode Devices permission set in the UIM ACL.

    Create of Edit a Maintenance Schedule

    A maintenance schedule must be created before you can add systems to the schedule.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Select a group in the USM navigation tree, then select the Maintenance tab.
    2. Click the New Schedule button. Or, to edit an existing schedule, select the gear icon next to the schedule you want to edit.
      The Maintenance Schedule window opens.
    3. In the Maintenance Schedule window:
      1. Enter a name, or update the existing name. If desired, enter a description.
      2. Select an account for the maintenance schedule if desired.
      3. Make a selection under the Scheduling heading.
        The Schedule Recurrence options to the right update dynamically based on your selection.
      4. Select from the options under Schedule Recurrence and Maintenance Window as desired.

    The new schedule is displayed, and you can add groups and systems.

    Add Groups to a Maintenance Schedule

    After a maintenance schedule is created, you can add groups or systems to the schedule.


    Note: Groups and systems can be added to multiple maintenance schedules.

    Follow these steps:

    1. 1. Browse to a group in the USM navigation tree, and select the Maintenance tab.


    Note: You can expand groups to display individual systems, but the Maintenance tab is only displayed when a group is selected in the navigation tree.

    1. 2. Hover over the handle icon (indicated by three horizontal lines) next to a group or system, and use the grabber icon to drag-and-drop systems to a maintenance schedule.


    Tip: You can also use the Search field to find systems that do not belong to a group. Drag systems from the Search Results node in the navigation tree.

    The maintenance schedule is updated and lists the system or group that you added. The wrench icons indicate that a group or system belongs to at least one maintenance schedule.

  • 4.  Re: How to ignore the alarm for Specific Time

    Posted 01-04-2016 04:33 AM

    Hi Subbiah,


    If you are talking about spectrum, you can keep a device in maintenance mode in several ways.

    1. Right click on device --> Utilities --> Schedule Maintenance mode --> You can create Maintenance schedules

    2. Select Device --> Under information tab of the component Detail pane --> Expand General Information --> Set the schedule against "In Maintenance"


    Hope this helps.




  • 5.  Re: How to ignore the alarm for Specific Time

    Posted 01-04-2016 06:15 AM

    Simply create a pre-processing rule to exclude what you want. You can define conditions or simply ignore all the alarms.

    Then click in the "Operating Period" and define the time...

  • 6.  Re: How to ignore the alarm for Specific Time

    Posted 01-04-2016 10:55 AM


    your solution only works for server(s) that have robots installed on (and will not work with discovered devices).


    The IM maintenance mode actually commands the 'controller' part of the robot to stop all other probes running and therefore prevents any alarms from the probes ever being generated. However, if as part of the scheduled maintenance, the robot is completely shutdown it is possible for the hub to generate a "Robot xxxx is inactive" alarm to still be generated. Personally, I wouldn't used IM for maintenance (i believe the maintenance mode in UMP/USM replaces the old IM way).