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Meet the CA UIM Product Managers @ CA World

  • 1.  Meet the CA UIM Product Managers @ CA World

    Posted Nov 13, 2015 06:12 PM

    In addition to Ken Adamson (VP Product Mgt, CA UIM) . Here are Product managers for CA UIM and related IM products going @ CA World.  Got any questions for them ?




    Robert Vacante

    I’m a product manager for Unified infrastructure Management and am looking forward to my second CA World!


    Why I’m excited for CA World:


    1. I’m excited to meet with customers to better understand their emerging needs and how we can work together to make them more successful!
    2. We’re eager for feedback, and I’m excited to bring your suggestions straight back to the product teams.
    3. And I can’t wait for Sheryl Crow and Fall Out Boy on the same stage!


    Martin Kowalewski


    My Role:  Product Manager responsible for the NetQoS Solutions (NFA, ADA/MTP, UCM) and CA UIM Network Probes (SNMPCollector)


    Why I’m excited for CAWorld:

    1. I want to connect with customers to discuss the integration of NFA inside UIM to solicit feedback on the current and future approach.
    2. I want to connect with customers to discuss the usage, deployment, and experiences utilizing SNMPCollector to solicit input and feedback.
    3. I want to connect with customers to understand how our enterprise customers see SDN and NFV impacting their business.


    Rajaraman Sundaram


    My Role:  Product Manager for UIM Probes, SNAP and Marketplace.


    Why I’m excited for CAWorld:

    • I am looking forward to connecting with customers, partners and colleagues from around the world.
    • I hope to learn more about how CA UIM can continue to innovate and evolve in support of the business agility and infrastructure management goals of our customers. 



    Dennis  Newberry,


    My Role: Responsible for CA Application Delivery Analysis and CA Unified Infrastructure Management QuickStart solutions.


    Why I’m excited for CA World:

    1. I want to reconnect with customers I have recently spoken with for deeper conversation and shared experiences.
    2. I want to connect with customers who are considering CA UIM in transition from eHealth, NSM and/or SystemEdge to discuss their requirements and timelines.
    3. I want to sit with customers who are signed up for all of our CA UIM network focused workshops to solicit their input and feedback.
    Daniel Okine (2).jpg



    Daniel Okine


    My Role:  Product Manager working on UIM Network Monitoring (SNMP Collector).


    Why I’m excited for CA World:

    1. I am excited to meet customers to understand their key pain-points when using UIM for network monitoring
    2. I am also eager to share some of the steady progress we have made, and plan to make, to realize network-centric workflows in UIM.
    3. I want hear about the impact of network virtualization on how our customers monitor their infrastructure.