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    Posted 10-13-2015 02:51 AM



    Due to a badly designed recursive workflows there are more than 100000 processes running in my ITPAM environment. ITPAM has stopped displaying Operations console. Can somebody please suggest how can I kill or stop running processes from runtime database in ITPAM using some SQL Query.

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-13-2015 08:55 AM

    Do you need anything that is or was running?   Clearing the runtime database tables would be the simplest quickest, and depending on the scope of the problem, possibly only, method to get rid of those processes.


    There isn't going to be a blanket 'clear all process 'ZYX' instance runs - the instances exist independently of each other.


    The GUI not loading is likely a resource issue.    If you increase memory for PAM it may allow it to load enough that you can begin to abort the processes through the GUI:


    In PAM/Server/c2o/bin/



    If PAM is already set and using 4g:


    in c2osvcw.conf:

    commented out


    then add at the bottom of the file:


    (Where 14 and 15 are the next available values)


    A couple other settings need to be tuned to better handle this increase in memory.  Modify as follows:


    Good Luck, and feel free to contact the support team for assistance.


    Please note - your system must have at least 8 GB of FREE contiguous memory meaning 12 or 16gb TOTAL dedicated memory installed on the server.