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Improving ARA system performance by limiting automatic creation of Execution Reports

  • 1.  Improving ARA system performance by limiting automatic creation of Execution Reports

    Posted Dec 18, 2017 01:59 PM
    Hi Community!

    If your ARA system takes a performance hit every time you are running heavy executions, you may wish to try changing when/how your ARA environment generates Execution Reports. Generating these reports automatically can be intensive on the system especially when running large executions or a large amount of executions. The ARA system can be configured to apply one of the following behaviors to Execution Reports:

    1) Fetch Execution Reports Automatically
    2) Fetch Execution Reports only when the user requests the Execution Report
    3) Do not fetch Execution Reports

    Below is a screenshot of where you access an Execution Report from a completed execution:

    p62aajxg2lph.png" width="1183">

    How do I configure when the ARA system generates Execution Reports?

    The Execution Report fetch behavior is configured in the file customer.config generally located where ARA is installed within your WebUI folder.

    1) Create the below element within the <CustomerAppSettings> element.
    <add key="ExecutionReport.Fetch" value="FetchAutomatically" />

    2) Change "FetchAutomatically" to any of the below values:

     - Generates an execution report for every execution.

    FetchOnRequest - 
    Creates an execution report envelope and generates the report when the user clicks on the Download button (see screenshot above).

    DoNotFetch -
    Does not fetch any execution report.

    3) Save and close the customer.config file.

    I would recommend using the FetchOnRequest setting so users have the option of viewing the execution report if needed. It is also important to note that this is the default behavior for version 6.0.1 and up currently. If you are running 6.0.0 or below you may wish to adjust this setting.

    I hope this has been helpful!