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Tibco EMS Reconnection Requirement

  • 1.  Tibco EMS Reconnection Requirement

    Posted 07-31-2019 11:44 AM

    Product: CA Layer 7 API Gateway v9.2 (OVA format)
    Issue: JMS Destination Manual Reconnect

    I have been asked by our Enterprise Messaging team to have a way to manually force a reconnect to a JMS Destination.  During Tibco EMS testing, the team wants to be able to disconnect all connections and force them to reconnect.  For application servers, they just have the servers recycled.  This isn't going to be possible with our gateway servers as they host endpoints for ALL of our 20,000+ mobile devices.

    Is there a way through Policy Manager or via direct server access to perform this type of processing?
    • Force all JMS connections to disconnect and reconnect
    Thanks in advance.
    Rick Reed
    FedEx API Architect