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GMU Authentication Erro

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  • 1.  GMU Authentication Erro

    Posted 07-30-2019 02:56 PM
    while i'm using the MigrateOut command i'm getting the authentication failed error. here is the screen shot.

    I have administrator role in gateway also.

    Thanks in advance


  • 2.  RE: GMU Authentication Erro

    Posted 07-30-2019 06:48 PM
    Dear Surya,
    In your argument file, do you use password or plaintextPassword ?
    For "password", you need to encode it first,

    The gmu.log may have more details.


  • 3.  RE: GMU Authentication Erro

    Posted 07-30-2019 06:56 PM
    Hi Zhijun He

    Thanks for the Quick reply!

    yes i'm using the encoded password in the file


  • 4.  RE: GMU Authentication Erro
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-30-2019 07:14 PM
    Just to isolate the problem, you may try using plaintextPassword instead of password in your arg file, if plaintextPassword is not working, that means you have wrong username/password, if plaintextPassword  is working, that means something wrong on encoding the password.

  • 5.  RE: GMU Authentication Erro

    Posted 08-02-2019 01:41 PM
    HI Zhijun

    Thanks for the reply now its working fine, the password which i encoded is not valid one.

  • 6.  RE: GMU Authentication Erro

    Posted 07-31-2019 04:54 AM
    As far as I recognized once, the encoded password seems to be valid only for a certain time period. Renewal of the encoded password might help.

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