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Error while creating new key

  • 1.  Error while creating new key

    Posted 03-15-2020 02:22 PM
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    Hi all.

    I'm installing a CA API GATEWAY 9.4 software cluster (red hat 7.7) with adopJDK

    After starting second node of cluster i'm no more able to create a new key in Policy Manager.

    In ssg log i receive the message:
    2020-03-15T12:45:05.921+0100 INFO 668 com.l7tech.server.admin.AsyncAdminMethodsImpl: Asynchronous job JobId<>:2e455208714ab47a49f176ff88194531b477be87eddafe985b8afbf732bba3df threw an exception: Not Implemented

    In attachment the error received from policy manager.

    Thank You very much for help.

    Kind Regard