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IP Blocking

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  • 1.  IP Blocking

    Posted 09-13-2019 04:43 AM
    Hello everyone,

    Are there any possibilities to have geo IP blocking or loading a Blacklist from a feed periodically into the API Gateway?
    Ideally we would like to connect the API Gateway to a live feed from our cyber defense center, to blacklist scanners & bots.

    Currently we are using the "IP Address Range" fragment for white-listing our services. However, it is getting more complicated with SaaS applications connection to us, since many of them have no defined IP range.

    Looking forward to your input

    Kind regards

  • 2.  RE: IP Blocking

    Posted 09-23-2019 03:45 AM

    Any suggestions regarding this topic?

  • 3.  RE: IP Blocking
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-23-2019 08:29 AM
    Dear Dominique,

    there is no OOB solution for this,

    but you can create a scheduled task to fetch latest information from live feed, parse and create a record in cache or in OTK Cache if it is clustered environment.
    You can separate allowed/blocked ips separated with ,
    Later in your service you can fetch this information from cache and Split this record and execute something like this:

    Run Assertions for Each Item
           => Restrict Access to IP Address Range