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Installing Portal 4.4 in EKS AWS

  • 1.  Installing Portal 4.4 in EKS AWS

    Posted 01-16-2020 08:15 AM

    have any one try to install Portal 4.4 in AWS EKS.

    I am using

    Kubernetes version : 1.14
    helm version: 3
    Source of  portal:
    Platform: AWS

    but I even found error running a --dry-run.. 

    Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: error validating "": error validating data: [unknown object type "nil" in, unknown object type "nil" in, unknown object type "nil" in, unknown object type "nil" in]
    exit status 1

    but looking in the values file,, it is set to false, so It should not Complain or take in account this values.

    telemetry_pla_enabled: false
    telemetry_usage_type: PRODUCTION
    I will appreciate any help

    Carlos PImentel

  • 2.  RE: Installing Portal 4.4 in EKS AWS

    Posted 01-16-2020 10:11 AM

    I would like to add to this as I am currently helping Carlos with this issue.

    I got past the Telemetry part, but it seems that the format of the strategy is not compatible with the apps/v1 API.

    I have raised this with BC Support, but we MUST have this built in the next 3 working days, so any help would be appreciated.

    Vince-Baker-Apiida:portal-helm-charts vbaker$ whhelm install apiida_portal1 . --namespace wh-api-gw2
    Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: error validating "": error validating data: ValidationError(StatefulSet.spec): unknown field "strategy" in io.k8s.api.apps.v1.StatefulSetSpec
    exit status 1

    Senior Architect
    Apiida AG

  • 3.  RE: Installing Portal 4.4 in EKS AWS

    Posted 01-17-2020 08:03 AM

    I installed Portal4.4 with single Developer Portal 4.4 and single MySQL (not cluster)
    After executing

    I got ./conf/portal.conf as below.


    And I add database setting to portal.conf, the lines shown as below,


    and run

    It looks like OK and I run,

    Checking for CA API Developer services
    portal_historical ----------------------- RUNNING
    portal_rabbitmq ------------------------- RUNNING
    portal_portal-enterprise ---------------- RUNNING
    portal_analytics-server ----------------- RUNNING
    portal_portal-data ---------------------- RUNNING
    portal_kafka ---------------------------- RUNNING
    portal_dispatcher ----------------------- RUNNING
    portal_authenticator -------------------- RUNNING
    portal_broker --------------------------- RUNNING
    portal_solr ----------------------------- RUNNING
    portal_minio ---------------------------- [|]

    I waited and waited, but nothing happend.

    docker service logs -f portal_minio
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 |
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | You are running an older version of MinIO released 5 months ago
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Update: docker pull minio/minio:RELEASE.2020-01-16T03-05-44Z
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 |
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 |
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Endpoint:
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 |
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Browser Access:
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 |
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 |
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Object API (Amazon S3 compatible):
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Go:
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Java:
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Python:
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | JavaScript:
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | .NET:
    portal_minio.1.gnhqebr7e35n@gcpdpct102 | Exiting on signal: TERMINATED

    What should I do for the issue?

    I'm beginer for the communities.
    It's the first time to post my message here.
    I failed to find out how can I post my question.
    So I post it by replying the message concerned to Developer Portal 4.4's installation.