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Configure Global User to be initCap

  • 1.  Configure Global User to be initCap

    Posted 08-30-2019 03:55 PM
    Hello Guys.

    We are working on IDM v12.6.8 and we have been required to configure all users to be init Cap, in our organization the userID looks like this "Jhon Doe" but after the inclusion of IDM in the account creation process the users are being created with lower case (jhon doe) in the AD endpoint even if we create the global user using initCap

    We have been looking around in the configuration but the only parameter found was related with the E&C process which is not our case.

    Looking into the user store (US) and the provisioning directory (PD) we notice the users in US are being created correctly but in the PD they are in lower case.

    You guys have any ideas of how can we change this configuration in the PD to be  or any other alternatives we can use?


    Jean Franco