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Raw TCP assertion - session timeout

  • 1.  Raw TCP assertion - session timeout

    Posted 25 days ago
    Edited by ROBERTO RONCOLATO 21 days ago

    Customer asked us if is possible to use API gateway to act as a sort of "middleware" to control session timeout.

    Basically, the API gateway should allow the traffic between mainframe and a remote java application (running as a server on a windows box).
    If for some reason, the session between the parties hangs, the API gateway should close the session. 

    We found that the Route Via Raw TCP provides features thats seems to fit the request. Anyone has already setup a similar scenario ?

    regards, Roberto

    27/08/2019 - update

    We made some internal test and found out that some codepage like CP280 are not supported in the final scenario.

    We are working with Broadcom support to solve this.
    CICS to Java Apllication integration