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Portal 3.5 cannot add new user

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  • 1.  Portal 3.5 cannot add new user

    Posted 12-12-2019 04:21 AM
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    We are using v3.5 of the Portal, and I'm trying to add a new user.  When I click on Create New User from the Administration Tool menu, I get a pop-up window but it's blank, with no fields to fill in nor any action buttons.  The other Create function, e.g. Create New Organization, works
    fine with a pop-up window displayed as expected.

    I've logged in to the admin account from a chrome browser on Windows.  Screenshot attached.

    Any suggestions?



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    TalkTalk PLC

  • 2.  RE: Portal 3.5 cannot add new user

    Posted 12-12-2019 03:16 PM
    Hi Ken,

    Does the same issue occur in other browsers? Do you have any CR's applied?
    It is worth taking a look at the catalina.out while reproducing the issue to see if we are logging anything.


  • 3.  RE: Portal 3.5 cannot add new user

    Posted 12-13-2019 04:45 AM
    Thanks Joe

    The version is 3.5 and build 583
    I'm not sure about patches, do you need any more info than from above? (sorry, I'm a newbie)

    catalina.out only shows the following during the time I clicked the Create User link:

    12/13 09:39:25.278 INFO (http-37080-8:) - [AdminProcessor general] -- AdminProcessor - action: UA-create-user
    12/13 09:39:25.307 DEBUG (http-37080-8:) - [XSLTUtil general] -- XSLTUtil.translate: XSLT in:77940 out:2344 time: 14 ms.

    I repeated the steps using Firefox and got exactly the same result.

    Best regards


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    TalkTalk PLC

  • 4.  RE: Portal 3.5 cannot add new user
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    Posted 12-13-2019 03:43 PM
    Are you able to login and then paste in the URL below? It will put the user creation in frame as opposed to a new window. Here we can take a look at the browser debug tools for any errors as well.

    Otherwise, it may be best to open a support case we can review this in a bit more detail.