Layer7 API Management

  • 1.  HTTP Server Sent Event

    Posted 01-17-2019 02:25 PM



    In HTTP 1.1 a mechanism called Server Sent Event (SSE) enables us to send events once a client makes an HTTP GET request with specific headers. An API Gateway would need to have the following capabilities to support SSE.

    1.Maintain long-lived HTTP 1.1 connection to a client (Transfer-Encoding: chunked)

    2.Act as a proxy to propagate the HTTP GET SSE call to one backend server

    3.Have the capability to route the events from that backend server (in response to that GET SSE call) to the right client connection that initiated HTTP GET SSE call.

    I tried to get this working with a local docker installed ca api gateway but the gateway seems to sometimes buffer events and sometimes not. 

    Does CA API Gateway support SSE? We got version 9.3.00.

    If so what do I need to configure to make it work?