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What are these log entries from «Whirlycache Tuner»

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  • 1.  What are these log entries from «Whirlycache Tuner»

    Posted 01-31-2017 05:05 AM



    We have installed a gateway version 9.2, the SSG log-level is set to Warning.


    Although there is no traffic yet, we have a lot of log entries in the ssg-log. There are of course lots of messags during start and stop (Hibernate, Spring etc).

    What is more distracting are log entries from a «Whirlycache Tuner» when the gateway is just running and has no traffic. It writes all one to five seconds a Warning into the log that looks like this


    [Timestamp] WARNING 213 STDERR: [Whirlycache Tuner ( [various names] )] INFO com.whirlycott.cache.[Various classes from this package] - Size: 0; Questions: 2; Hits: 0; Adaptive r/w ratio: 0%; Total hitrate: 0%



    • What is this?
    • Is this really a Warning? (becuase it seems to be INFO level from Whirlycache)
      • if yes: What is wrong with the gateway?
      • If no: Can I demote this to INFO? This is just noise that hides real Warnings
    • General question about ssg-log: Can I promote a log event from a lower level to Warning? To get events that are not important but interesting to see when it happens



  • 2.  Re: What are these log entries from «Whirlycache Tuner»
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    Posted 01-31-2017 08:41 AM


    As far as I know 

    1) This does not appear to be a Severe message and I suspect the reason it is warning is the Questions:2.

    2) Whirlycache is used for policy caching and typically associated with the java process and garbage collection. But from what I see of the warning if there are no other Severe messages following it I wouldnt suspect there is any real problem. 

    3) Of the Default Error / class types I do not know of anyway to Promote or demote. But I guess there may be different ways of doing this based on the intent. You mention all the noise. It might be helpful to know what you are trying to gather out of the ssg log and if its simply just something that can be accomplished by having multiple log-Syncs for different classes. Because I suspect that is what you might want have message of certain classes go to certain syncs with filtering to make it more readable. 


    Hope that helps some.