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Policy Manager XML and Credential warnings

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  • 1.  Policy Manager XML and Credential warnings

    Posted 10-24-2015 06:59 AM


    I am doing the Course of "CA Layer 7 Gateway v8.1: Installation and Configuration 200" and I am following its Lab Guide. In Lab 3-2a, I get the warnings as shown in the screenshot below. Any way to resolve them?




    Assertions for Lab3-2a in the Lab Guide:


  • 2.  Re: Policy Manager XML and Credential warnings
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-24-2015 10:43 AM

    First message : Auditing is costly in terms of performance (it needs db write operations). The less you audit, the more performant your policy will be. Here you configure the audit messages to save request / response messages. Uncheck the option and the message will disapear. In a prod environment log sink should be used to send logs messages to external tool (Splunk, Nagios, ...).


    Second and fourth warning messages : you do not provide authentication mecanism in your Policy. Every service you expose must be protected. You will probably learn how to use "Require credentials" and "authenticate agaisnt" assertions later in you course.


    And for the third message it seems that your xml in your response template is not well-formed. Review it.


    Tip : You can disable message Policy validation in your Policy Manager preferences.