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API Portal Beta - call for participation

  • 1.  API Portal Beta - call for participation

    Posted Jun 30, 2015 12:06 PM

    CA is introducing four market-changing features to the SaaS version of our API Developer Portal, and we'd like you to help define them.


    The SaaS "Companion Cube" Beta program will start the week of July 20, showcasing the existing API Management SaaS offering plus:

    • Custom FieldsLower the cost of customization by creating ad hoc API metadata that can be leveraged in policy to solve more business problems

    o   Create ad hoc API metadata on the Portal that can be used as context variables in Gateway policy to make runtime decisions

    • Hybrid Deployment - Balance costs (i.e., TCO of Portal) and control (i.e., securely manage & operate the Gateway) by locating the Gateway closer to your APIs

    o   Ability for customers to deploy an on premise Gateway in conjunction with an AWS-hosted SaaS Portal

    • Ad hoc Reporting - Create custom reports to help find previously unknown trends, exceptions and risks

    o   Ability to create ad hoc reporting on any Portal entity; save and export the report using our partner GoodData’s capabilities

    • Portal APIs - Ability to execute Portal functionality programmatically via an API call


    If you're interested, please email the Product Manager Dana Crane for more details: