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CA Mobile API Gateway 2.2.00 now released!

  • 1.  CA Mobile API Gateway 2.2.00 now released!

    Posted Oct 09, 2014 06:08 AM


    we have just released the new and awesome Mobile API Gateway 2.2! The release has many new and groundbreaking features such as:


    Integration to Samsung Knox Workspace:

    • Samsung Knox for APIs
      • Allows CA Mobile API Gateway customers to create policy assertions requiring device integrity and app containerization checks as a condition to accessing APIs.
    • Samsung Knox Authenticator powered by CA Mobile SSO
      • Deployed to new Samsung flagship devices (starting with the Galaxy Note 4) upon Knox activation. The Knox Authenticator leverages the Mobile SDK of the CA Mobile API Gateway to deliver SSO across web and native apps while controlling access to MAG protected APIs.

    Mobile SDK and Mobile API Gateway:

    • Mobile SSO Reference App
      • Allows CA Mobile API Gateway customers to build and organize apps in a single view that integrates with existing identity infrastructures to deliver SSO across native, hybrid and web applications. The combination of CA SSO capabilities with a native security model delivers improved security for web and native apps while providing a more convenient user experience.
    • Cross-Device SSO
      • Allows users to securely access an app on one device and then move seamlessly and securely to an app on a different device without having to provide credentials. This is achieved by sharing SSO sessions between apps on different devices through a framework for proximity-based technology while the CA Mobile API Gateway manages the associations between the identities of users, apps and devices.
    • Dynamic App Credential Provisioning
      • Enhancement to implementation of OAuth 2.0 which allows an app to dynamically exchange original app credentials with new app credentials on the fly.
    • Geolocation
      • Capture device geo information and pass it to gateway with API requests for use in API policies.
    • Online documentation:


    We encourage you to visit the CA API Management Support Portal website at for more information.

    Please review the release notes from the CA Wiki All files associated with this release have been tagged with 2.2 for quicker searches in the download section.


    MAG Product Team