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How do we refresh/reset wsdl through API

  • 1.  How do we refresh/reset wsdl through API

    Posted 07-29-2015 05:11 PM



    We get request frequently to refresh/reset the wsdl as developer makes changes to the wsdl on backend system.


    So, instead of manually resetting the wsdl in the policy manager, is there any API available to refresh/reset the wsdl so that we could call the API from any build tool as soon as new wsdl is deployed in the backend system.



  • 2.  Re: How do we refresh/reset wsdl through API

    Posted 08-05-2015 11:16 AM

    The most appropriate tool for this is UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration). This technology allows the Gateway to subscribe to a repository and dynamically update the WSDL on-the-fly. Unfortunately, this technology is not widely adopted but if you have access to this tooling then it can be very useful. The documentation for this capability can be found here: Manage UDDI Registries - CA API Gateway - 8.4 - CA Wiki.


    You can manually modify the WSDL as a policy owner or administrator using the procedure documented here: