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API Developer Portal 3.0 Webcast Replay

  • 1.  API Developer Portal 3.0 Webcast Replay

    Posted 12-10-2014 04:17 PM
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    Here are the recording details for the CA API Management Community webcast on December 10, 2014.


    Topic:  -  API Developer Portal 3.0 Presentation


    The CA API Developer Portal provides a developer management and API lifecycle solution that enables customers to securely expose their APIs while providing developers with all the information they need to create applications against them.


    CA's API Developer Portal 3.0 now makes it possible to expose valuable data in the enterprise directly as APIs, and monetize them:


    Data APIs - Create and publish APIs directly from data sources in just a few clicks. Simply hook up your database, determine which table/fields to expose and let the Portal do the rest, including automatically creating the API documentation.

    API Monetization - use the included Revenue Planner to map out your revenue potential from developers that use your APIs; then apply your revenue model with a single click to update your billing engine (out of the box integration is provided to SaaS-based billing system Recurly) and enable developers to generate, track and view their bills.


    API Catalog – provides developers with an overview of the API resources and plans/pricing available on the Portal so they can make better decisions.


    Localization Support


    Here is the webex link which will expire at some point:


    Here is the YouTube link:  Dec 2014 - CA API Management User Community Webcast - API Portal 3.0 - YouTube


    The presentation is attached.