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Application Manager V9.3.1 using RunClient.jar hangs with invalid password.

  • 1.  Application Manager V9.3.1 using RunClient.jar hangs with invalid password.

    Posted 12-04-2019 11:25 AM
    Hi everyone

    Would you be able to help me with this issue I am having using the RunClient.jar.

    When I run the RunClient.jar I get the login screen where I can select which instance I want to
    connect too, my user, and password. If I supply a valid password I get right in. I get right in
    as long as you have the keystore files in place which I got working.

    If I supply an invalid password my session just hangs, and I get the blue circle spinning. I have
    to use task manager to kill the session. I tested using Oracle Java 1.8_231, Oracle Java 1.8_151,
    and OpenJDK 11 on my Windows 10 PC. I had two other people test, and they have the same issue.

    I opened a case with Application Manager support, and sent them the AM_Client log files for each
    of the tests I did.

    I appreciate the help,

    Thank you,


  • 2.  RE: Application Manager V9.3.1 using RunClient.jar hangs with invalid password.

    Posted 12-04-2019 02:58 PM
    Hi everyone

    We noticed today another issue related to this issue. One of our users said there password
    expired while they were out of the office for the holiday. The person tried to get into the
    Appman instance which just hung, and they got the blue spinning circle. We needed to kill the
    session from task manager.

    I tried to reset there password then prompts the user to change it when they login. The user
    tried to login, and it hung again. Apparently there is some sort of issue with the error
    message, and also the prompts to be shown to the user.

    What I ended up doing is turning off the Automation Engine password options so the user can
    login with my password I reset them too. They were then able to login, and change there

    We have had multiple users experience this problem using the RunClient.jar command when they
    enter an invalid password, and now when there password expires.

    We all have Windows 10 on our PC's, and are using Oracle Java 8. I even tried using OpenJDK
    11, and have the problem.

    I appreciate the help.

    Thank you,


  • 3.  RE: Application Manager V9.3.1 using RunClient.jar hangs with invalid password.

    Posted 12-07-2019 05:40 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I have been working with Cory one of the Applications Manager support people. I sent Cory the
    log files from one of my invalid password hung sessions. Cory mentioned he saw a ojdbc error
    in the log files.

    Since all of my Appman istances are using Oracle database I performed the installation
    using the ojdbc8.jar file that is compiled at the level from 2016. On my Appman V9.1.1
    systems not upgraded yet I am still using the ojdbc_signed.jar file.

    Cory suggested I try using the older ojdbc6.jar file that is compiled at the level from
    2014 for my V9.3.1 system to see if this fixes the problem. I was able to switch over to using
    the ojdbc6.jar file for my master, and remote agent. Both the master, and remote agent started
    successfully. I was able to login with a valid password. I then tried using an invalid password,
    and received the message properly. I then tried 3 times to force it to fail, and I received the
    message properly. I also tried resetting my test user password. When I logged in, I got the
    password change box like I should get.

    I do not understand why the ojdbc8.jar file was able to start the master, and remote agent. And
    it also allowed me to login with an invalid password. But it would not work when I would type an
    invalid password, or reset one.

    Since using the older ojdbc6.jar file fixed the problem, I need to stay with using this file for
    now. I have some concerns that one day the ojdbc6.jar file might not work for one of the newer
    V12C releases we upgrade too. For now it seems to be working correctly.

    I sent Cory the ojdbc6.jar, and ojdbc8.jar files for him to test.

    I appreciate the help of Applications Manager support, and everyone on this community site.

    Thank you,