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RequestManagement: Support of current software

  • 1.  RequestManagement: Support of current software

    Posted 03-05-2020 02:28 AM
    Extend compatibility Matrix of RequestManagement to use current Software dependency.

    - TomCat 8.0 is out of support for years, support for TomCat 9.0 required
    - Oracle 12c is going into payed extended support in spring 2020. Support for Oracle 19c because Oracle 18c lacks some functionality for data Center required.

    - Automic product owner should on their own check what current Software Version is available for their Software dependency and initiate the enhancement process.

    - Process to request entension to compatibility matrix has to be changed. Request should not be done via community. The correct way would be, if not done by product manager, to raise a ticket in support portal. Process via community cannot be tracked.
    In my understanding product owner is responsible that product dependencies work with current versions. This has to be reflected in compatibility matrix.

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