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Variable name length in $U

  • 1.  Variable name length in $U

    Posted 11-14-2019 11:21 AM
    ​$U v 6.9 windows 2012 R2

    Trying to create a variable with a name longer than 20 characters in the Univiewer interface however this is not being allowed.

    The commands manual indicates that a (text) variable name can be 256 characters in length with similar for its value.

    This may explain some strange behavious when using command line to pass hvars between uprocs as if the variable name limit is 20 characters then if a command line passes a variable with a name longer than 20 then $U may be truncating the variable name so it does not get evaluated.

    Can anyone confirm the correct allowed length for a variable name in a Uproc in $U v 6.9?