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Calendar offset event not updating

  • 1.  Calendar offset event not updating

    Posted 09-11-2019 06:55 PM
    Edited by Harriet Kim 09-12-2019 11:36 AM
    Has anyone come across an issue where the calendar offset is not updating after adding an exception?

    For example,

    In May 2019, the 2nd Thursday falls on the 1st Tuesday week of the month.  If that happens, I want an exception to move that 2nd Thursday to the 2nd Tuesday week of the month.

    Anyway, I defined the Exception in my offset event, but the Calendar does not update even after saving.

    Has anyone come across this issue or bug in these versions?  If yes, would you be able to share your workaround with me, please?

    AE version 12.2.2 HF2
    AWI version 12.2.2.hf1