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Threads in Appworx

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  • 1.  Threads in Appworx

    Posted 12-02-2019 05:18 AM

    Hi All,

    We have recently upgraded to Appworx 9.3.1 version, how to to get the count of available threads in RMI logs.

    In older Appworx 9.1, we can get it as name "MSM" but in new we are not getting any MSM threads.

    Kindly suggest.

  • 2.  RE: Threads in Appworx
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-06-2019 01:52 PM


    As far a I know, there should be no changes to the thread use and logging of those threads in Applications Manager. If the MSM thread is not shown, my only guess is that debugging is not enabled. If debugging was enabled from the client end, then it may be disabled after the upgrade. You can reenable debug from the client end by:

    Select Help > About Applications Manager > Debug > Check the server box > Close.

    To permanently enabled debug edit the $AW_HOME/site/awenv.ini or in Windows the %AW_HOME%\site\awenv.ini file and add the line "debug=true", witch the double quotes into the [default] section of the file and restart Applications Manager.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Phearith Mao

  • 3.  RE: Threads in Appworx

    Posted 12-11-2019 08:24 AM
    Thank you Mao..hopefully this helps