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Best strategy for keeping PROD and DEV in sync?

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  • 1.  Best strategy for keeping PROD and DEV in sync?

    Posted 08-27-2020 05:32 PM
    Hey guys!

    So I've semi-newly taken over administering our Appworx environments, production and development, and oh boy are they out of sync.

    * Do y'all make your production and development environments the same?
    * Do you use the standard import/export tool to keep things in sync?
    * Is there a good way to mark jobs that shouldn't run in development (we don't have a dev environment for some of our related apps)

    Any thoughts you have are greatly appreciated,


  • 2.  RE: Best strategy for keeping PROD and DEV in sync?
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    Posted 08-27-2020 07:56 PM
    We have discussed trying to clone down our production environment to test, but have not done so because we do not know all the places that would need to have changes.  There is not a lot of good times to have development environment down.

    We have inhouse sql reports that run and compare particular differences between test and production environments (prompts, conditions, documentation, etc.).  The developers get the results at the beginning of the month and make changes to anything that is not currently under development.  As long as they keep up with the report, it is not too bad.  A few areas needed to spend a lot of time catching up though so it is definitely recommended to stay on top of things.

    We use the export/import with a custom import map.

    For jobs that should not run, I have a couple thoughts.  You could make them inactive so they should not do anything even if they could be requested.  It adds one extra step of needing to activate the job in order to be able to run it so hopefully that would make someone think. 

    Another idea is to make them only available to admins or a particular no_run user group, and only allow others to have access when there is active development in place.  Make it very aware that while it is available for development, it should not be "tested".