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  • 1.  MQMEM Count going high

    Posted 03-12-2020 06:35 AM
    Hi All,

    We have been experiencing surge in MQMEM table count it started with 180 on 5th March and by 12th March it is 1200+ and keep on rising.
    while searching on Community, we came across COLD START option to normalize the count and same was suggested by Support when we raised a case with them.

    it is suggested by both that the surge in count is due to database issues however we are not able to find the root cause of the issue.
    I need help on few question, it will be very helpful if we can find a direction from community to find the root cause of the issue.

    1: if there are any DB queries which can help us to find the root of the issue.
    (Long running tasks, Tasks with obsolete status, etc)
    2: what checks we can have in place to avoid the situation in future.
    3: Normally what issues cause surge in MQ table counts.
    4: at last, What would be the effect of COLD Start.

    AE Set up:
    AE servers (Active-Active) running in cluster mode (12.3.1)
    SQL Server 2017

    select EH_DVAR_Memid from EH

    result = 0

    select EH_MQSet from EH

    result = 1

     DB Details:

    SQL2017               RTM       Standard Edition (64-bit)               14.0.1000.169