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Poor performance with Dollar Univeverse Web Console and UVMS over AD

  • 1.  Poor performance with Dollar Univeverse Web Console and UVMS over AD

    Posted 09-10-2019 11:17 AM
    ​Windows 2012 R2 servers, UVMS 6.10 (cluster config with external SQL database), Web console 6.10 running on Apache on independent server with plenty of Ram.

    The UVMS server is running on its own server and the web console application also has its own server with plenty of RAM. Authentication is via AD which was configured with the assistance of Broadcom support.  The default 'wide open' system user pattern has been removed to prevent being able to launch uprocs on a production node from a  dev node.

    The performance of this set up should be fairly good and secure however what happens is the web console login appears almost instantly but whne attempting to login, specifying the UVMS, and using AD credentials this takes around 10 mins and usually requires multiple attempts before access is granted. This is with just 1 user accessing the system.

    Once logged in performance is ok but there are often lags when trying to carry out certain UVMS functions.

    Is there a way to investigate and improve this performance? Have contacted support who advise contacting professional services to resolve this even though Univiewer is the only interface to $U.

    This performance is impacting going live with a new Dollar Universe architecture. Any ideas how to trouble shoot this?