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Dollar Universe Web manager not working with https

  • 1.  Dollar Universe Web manager not working with https

    Posted 10-08-2019 06:18 AM
    ​Posting this here in case anyone has any java experience.  the $U Web Manager is already capable of hitting Https end points though these were for Soap calls and the issue below is for REST however https calls should be possible and right now this a show stopper.

    ​$U 6.9.61 Windows 2012 R2 64 bit

    Using $U Web manager to call REST API endpoints. When the API endpoints are running http this is fine but when some of the APIs are running https the message 'Peer not authenticated is appearing in the log'.

    Usually this message just means that the certificate for the API server needs to be added to the java keystore. When this was done with JEE restart, in fact the server hosting $U was restarted, the same peer not authenticated message was received.

    From the manual it indicates that an external keystore needs to be used to allow this trust. It is possible to hit the target URL using IE on the box so it would be good if $U Web Manager could use the windows keystore.

    Unfortuately so far any attempts to use an external keystore (out with the java keystore) have been unsuccessful.

    Has anyone come across a similar issue and have a solution.

    (As an aside a powershell script will resolve this issue however development up to this point has been with the $U web manager  so would rather continue with that rather than some redesign work.)