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mailx help

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  • 1.  mailx help

    Posted 09-26-2019 06:13 PM
    Hi all you Atomic gurus, I'm in need of some assistance.  I wrote a script for my endusers - now I need to mailx the output to the requestor - I think its an Automic prompt('&&requestor').  Can anyone give me the syntax for the mailx statement?

    Any assistance will be appreciated,

    Sandy Crofoot
    Emporia State University
    Information Technology

  • 2.  RE: mailx help
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    Posted 09-27-2019 02:32 AM
    Dear Sandy,

    if you use an email call object, you can put in the process sheet:
    :set &userid# = SYS_USER_NAME
    :set &dep# = SYS_USER_DEP
    :ADD_ATT RECIPIENT, '&userid#/&dep#'
    Then an email will be sent to the user that called the object. Maybe you could use the send_mail script function as well, but I am not sure if you can use the username instead of the email address.
    I didn't find a function that gives you the email address of the user. If there isn't any function, there must be a way to select it from the database. But I haven't had a look into that yet. An easy solution to retrieve an email address would be to store the email address of the user in a VARA. You just need to manage the entries in the VARA.

    Regards, Nicole

    Regards, Nicole

  • 3.  RE: mailx help

    Posted 09-27-2019 02:57 PM
    Thanks so much for your prompt reply; I'm going to have to take this back to the documents and figure out what it means - I'm very new to Automic - I've built a couple jobs that had output that was spooled and sent to a hard-coded email address with mailx statement within the script.  Thank you for pointing me in a likely direction.


    Applications Developer
    Emporia State University