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Putting several Tasks on Hold for 1 day

  • 1.  Putting several Tasks on Hold for 1 day

    Posted 02-08-2020 09:43 AM
    Hi All,

    We are looking for a way to put several $U Tasks on hold for just 1 particular day of maintenance on week-end, to avoid manual actions on WE.

    At first, I have tested this command:
    uxadd OEX type=HOLD TSK=S_BIL_B0003_CA_H001_205X_S_SS_ADVERTISING_1 PDATE=22/02/2020 MUT=2 UPR=S_BIL_B0003_CA_1

    But it doesn't hold the tasks...
    Anything missing in this command line?

    Here is one of these tasks:

    Launch Date = 22/02/2020 10:45:00
    Task name = S_BIL_B0003_CA_H001_205X_S_SS_ADVERTISING_1
    Uproc = S_BIL_B0003_CA_1

    The only alterative I found is (which works fine) :
    uxhld FLA UPR=S_BIL_B0003* MU=2* NSEQ=*
    then : uxrls FLA UPR=S_BIL_B0003* MU=2* NSEQ=*
    uxlst FLA UPR=S_BIL_B0003*

    But that's a workaround...


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