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Transferring to a new server.

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  • 1.  Transferring to a new server.

    Posted 08-26-2020 04:19 PM
    We are needing to move AUTOMIC to a new server as the current one is outdated. This includes the agents, application manager, all the job etc. 
    Has anyone went through this process before? According to the documentation for moving it says to install on the new server first. I have attempted this with the existing install files we have on the old server, however when I run the it's trying to access a bin directory that doesn't exist. I can post the output if needed.

    Also to note, this is moving from RHEL 5 to OEL 7.

    Any assistance is appreciated.


    Vincennes University

  • 2.  RE: Transferring to a new server.
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    Posted 08-27-2020 08:57 AM
    Hi Jay, 

    I can tell you what we did when we went from AIX to Linux.  It is important the file systems all both accessible from the old, and new instances. 
    Because as you know inside of lot's of the variables there is references to paths, ssh keys all kinds of things. In our case it was very hard since we were changing the file system structures, and had to use the appman bulk changes process to change paths, lots of them in the DB. 

    Basically on AIX we were running AWPROD at V9.1.1 and it had it's own DB. We had previously installed AMPROD at V9.1.1 and it had it's own DB.  AMPROD was up and running, but had none of the db data from AWPROD. At some point we cut over. AWPROD is stopped, the DB exported, and imported into AMPROD while it is down.

    Now while AMPROD is done you su as the user you run AMPROD as and run the awinstall. The awinstall will prompt you will all of these options.  Review them, give the password, and it compiles into the AMPROD DB with the imported data. It thgen knows about the remote agents, Banner, and OAE agents. If you are running any remote agents on other systems that had to be updated to know there new master location.

    To me it seems like you should be able to tar up the installation directory from the old location, and extract it to the new. 
    You have all of these parameters that reference the location of the DB, port, and hostname of the Appman system. It would seem to be 
    you could shutdown the old instance, tar it up, and any external parts, and extract to the new server. Then run a awinstall on the new server to generate all of the options into the existed DB the old instance used to use. But of coarse back it up first install directory, and DB before dong anything.  

    Like most things I always like to open a case with support. 

    I mentioned before how important it is so the old server, and new server have the same user, group, file system structures. And sometimes it is hard to gather all of the pieces from the old into the new. 

    It would also seem to me you can have a AWPROD old, and AWPROD new using a different DB. Being the starter system. And it would seem at some point you can shutdown AWPROD old, then point AWPROD new to the original DB with the data.  I think if you run a awinstall it prompts you for all of these parameters, it saves them to the env sosite files, and updates the DB. Back it all up.

    Like I said, always best to get the blessing from support. 

    Good luck.  


  • 3.  RE: Transferring to a new server.

    Posted 08-28-2020 11:38 AM
    Hey Rich,

    I was able to tar up the existing automic directory and I'm working through the installs now. For the most part it's going well,
    however I'm running into an issue with running the client. The error is unable to load resource referencing the AttachLayout_signed.jar,
    do you know if I need to do anything with the web classes to configure for the new server?


    Vincennes University

  • 4.  RE: Transferring to a new server.

    Posted 08-28-2020 11:48 AM
    Hi everyone, 

    When you mentioned the client it made me think of a few things. I don't recall what version you are on. If V9.1.1 like we were you used the Client.jnlp file. With V9.3.1 we are using the RunClient.jar file. 

    I am pretty sure inside of the Client.jnlp file it has information on connecting to the host from your PC. When we would upgrade we told the users to delete the Java client temp file on your PC for that system. Them is forces a download or a new file from the host which we want.

    With V9.3.1 you have the, and file And you run the RunClient.jar file. You need to be sure to have the DNS entries correct for the way you access the Appman.  The connections have to hit the new server not the old. 

    With RunClient.jar there is the client.log file, and one for each instance you login too. Check those. Make sure debug is on in your file if you are at that level. 


  • 5.  RE: Transferring to a new server.

    Posted 08-28-2020 01:23 PM
    I delete java temp files and was able to get past that error. Thanks for you help Rich.

    Vincennes University