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How Applications Manager maintains system records.

  • 1.  How Applications Manager maintains system records.

    Posted 08-03-2017 09:27 AM

    Application Manager has a maintenance Process flow called SYSTEM. This contains two jobs: DELDEFAULT and HISTORY_PURGE. This process flow is critical to the daily maintenance of Applications Manager and should be run daily.

    Deleting Output Files

    When you define a job, you can set the number of days the output will be retained by Applications Manager. The SODELETE job (alias DELDEFAULT) deletes the output files that have exceeded their retention settings.

    The SODELETE job deletes log files created by Applications Manager processes. By default, they are deleted after seven days. You can change this setting to a different number of days. To do so, add the following line under [default]in theawenv.inifile located in thesitedirectory as shown below:


    The example above will delete log files older than three days. This setting only applies to log files that are created after you add the line to theawenv.inifile. Also, theLOG_RETENTION_DAYSsetting doesn't change retention days for output files, which is controlled by theRetention dayssetting on each job'sOutputtab.

    SODELETE also deletes in any files in thetmpdirectory that are older than seven days.

    The SODELETE job does not run a script like most jobs, Applications Manager executes Java every time it runs. Therefore you should not copy this job and edit its script.

    Deleting History Records

    The HISTORY_PURGE job deletes all history records that are older than the number of days you specify in the job's prompt. The default is 60 days.

    To satisfy Success since last run predecessor links, there must be a reference to the predecessor task in the database. These references are removed by running the HISTORY_PURGE job. In most cases this would never be a concern because History is saved for many more days than a predecessor would need to check for. If a situation like this occurs, use conditions instead of Success since last run predecessors.

    Deleting files in the run directory

    These files should be automatically purged after a job has finished. If you see .sh files still in the directory please look for a $AW_HOME/debug directory on the agent. If there is a BODY file in that directory you have job level debug enabled and these files will be retained. To disable you can delete the BODY flag file in the $AW_HOME/debug directory.