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  • 1.  Dollar Universe 6.8.23 Released!

    Posted Nov 07, 2017 06:33 AM

    Problem Description

    With DUAS 6.8.x the following actions ( either by the Command Line or by UVC) will not work:
    • Update
    • View History Trace
    • Bypass
    The popup error message below appears  :

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    Conditions to be affected by the problem :

    The issue can only occur if the following conditions (ALL of them) are met :

     1) Launching a task based on a session where the MU changes in the middle of the session ( i.e. UPR_1 – MU_1 , UPR_2 – MU_2)

    2) A uproc within the session (other than the Header) has a condition not met, so it remains in status Event Wait

    3) This uproc in Event Wait has no Specific Task with the corresponding MU

    4) The node is on version 6.8.xx




    Workaround :

    In order to  « View the History Trace », you can use the command  “uxlst ctl hst” or display the History Trace via the Menu “Job Run History”

    For the Actions « Update / Bypass Conditions » : there is no workaround  other than having to Satisfy the missing condition specified in the History Trace..

    Solution :

    The version 6.8.23fixes this problem, the OS available for the moment being AIX, WINDOWS64 and LINUX64.

    Should you need other OS, please contact Automic Support.



  • 2.  Dollar Universe 6.8.23 Released!

    Posted Dec 04, 2017 09:32 AM
    Dollar Universe 6.8.24 that fixes this issue is now available on the  Download Center.
    Please note, you will need to sign into the download center to be able to download the file.