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Dollar Universe : Uproc Conditions

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  • 1.  Dollar Universe : Uproc Conditions

    Posted 06-06-2018 04:40 PM

    Hello Experts,


    I can see four options in Launch formula of conditioning uproc status i.e. Completed, Aborted,Absent, Ended.


    Can someone educate me to understand that what is mean by "ended" here. #dollaruniverse




  • 2.  Re: Dollar Universe : Uproc Conditions
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    Posted 06-08-2018 04:34 PM

    Hello Dadhich!


    Starting in version 6.6 and newer, you can use the "Ended" condition in order to use a launch formula that will launch when a job is either "Completed" or "Aborted" (the only stipulation is that it ran and is "completed"). 


    Here is an excerpt from our Release Notes relating to this topic:


    "Ended Condition
    Previously, in Dollar Universe, to wait for the end of a job, regardless of its status, you had to define an OR in the launch formula between the statuses Completed and Aborted for the same job.
    As of version 6.6, a new value has been added in the definition of the condition: ENDED. In this case, the job will wait for the end of the specified execution Completed or Aborted. This simplifies the launch formula and add some new possibilities like wait for the end of a set of jobs and start if one of them is aborted."


    I hope this help!