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How can I "upgrade" from DUAS 6.3.44 on OS400 to 6.6.21?

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  • 1.  How can I "upgrade" from DUAS 6.3.44 on OS400 to 6.6.21?

    Posted 10-19-2016 09:43 AM

    How can I "upgrade" from DUAS 6.3.44 on OS400 to 6.6.21?

    I don't want to have a fresh installation, I just need to have in-place upgrade?

    is there an option of "autopatch" upgrade through UV for OS400 same like windows?

    I need the "upgrade" & "rollback" procedures please

    Thanks in advance

    Daniel G.

  • 2.  How can I "upgrade" from DUAS 6.3.44 on OS400 to 6.6.21?
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    Posted 10-19-2016 10:21 AM
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    To answer to your questions:

    Yes you are right, you don’t need to have a fresh installation but just do an upgrade. You can have more information in the install guide page 64:


    6.4 OS/400 Interactive Update

    In general, Dollar Universe updates are available on the FTP site

    The modifications made by the update are listed in the associated readme file.

    For each update, the procedure "Installation of an Update" below must be applied where nnnnn is replaced by the update number.

    6.4.2 Installation of an Update

    The kit must be decompressed on the Windows platform and then transferred by FTP to the OS/400 system in binary mode.

    Create the restoration library FXnnnnn:

    CRTLIB FXnnnnn

    Create the reference to the SAVF file in the FXnnnnn library:

    CRTSAVF FXnnnnn +F4

    Visualize the members contained in the SAVF with command DSPSAVF. Note the original library.

    Restore the member with the following command (it is required to press F4 and then F10 to modify the parameters “Database option member” on *ALL instead of *MATCH and “Admit object difference” on *ALL instead of *NONE):


    ADDLIBLE LIB(FX2nnnnn)

    Install the update:


    You can restart the sub-system and the Company after all the updates have been applied.

    Let us know if you have more questions  :)