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How is the aw_notif linked to the so_job_table?

  • 1.  How is the aw_notif linked to the so_job_table?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-11-2018 02:27 PM

    Recently a customer contacted Automic Support with the following request...

    Please let us know the query to select all active notifications of only active Jobs and active Process Flows. We are in the process of getting the email ids of all active notifications. 

    How is the aw_notif linked to the so_job_table



    To write this report you would need to include the following tables. 

    SO_JOB_TABLE = Contains job definitions. This includes singles jobs as well as process flow headers 

    SO_CHAIN_DETAIL = Contains components contained within each process flow 

    AW_NOTIF = Contains the name of the notif and seq number. 

    AW_NOTIF_DETAIL = Contains the details of the notif including email addresses. 

    The jobs (so_job_table) are related to the notifications (aw_notif_detail) through the columns so_notif_seq = aw_notif_seq. 

    The process flows headers (so_job_table) are related the components (so_chain_detail) through the columns so_job_seq = so_chain_seq. The components (so_chain_detail) are linked to notifications (aw_notif) through the so_notif_seq = aw_notif_seq 

    The notifications (aw_notif) are linked to the notifications details (aw_notif_details) through the column aw_notif_seq