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 Mobile app Service Point and catalog

posted 03-19-2021 07:00 AM
Hi all,
I need use mobile app CA Service Point to request Catalog services. From docs of Service Management 17.3:
CA Service Point mobile app allows a business user to:
  • Request a service or report an issue. Anywhere, anytime!
    With the mobile app, you can seamlessly request for a service or report an issue from your mobile device. Based on the issue description, and user context (location, organization, and department), the mobile app displays suggested categories.

But I can't find services of catalog in CA Service Point mobile app.  I cane create/update/view tickets of Service Desk only.
How I can use CA Service Point mobile app for Service request from catalog?

I found button "More" like in web in mobile Service Point App, but in that there are SD category only
Broadcom Employee
Hi Ludmila,

Please refer to the below link for steps to perform in order for Catalog offerings to appear in ServicePoint:

Hi Brian Mathato,
thank you for your answer.
I've performed steps for enable Catalog feature in Service Point and in web browser in Service Point users can request Services from catalog. My question about mobile app "CA Service point". There is no services of Catalog in mobile app "CA Service Point".
Broadcom Employee
What is the SDM, Catalog & Mobile App version\RU level in question?
SDM and Catalog v 17.3, patch
Mobile version is 1.1, it was reinstalled today from Store
Broadcom Employee
Hi Ludmila, 
The Service Point mobile app currently supports SDM tickets (Incidents & Requests) only.
@Richa Pathak is there an estimate for when the Service Point mobile app will support Catalog?
Hi Ludmila

ServicePoint interface can tweaked to be responsive and fit to smartphone and tablet sized devices. With some UX experiance it is possible to alter CSS:s and some configuration to achive that. That gives you the possiblity to expose Catalog offerings and requests along with SDM Incidents to end users on mobile devices.

Best Regards
@Martin Hermansson Are you talking about using the smartphone/tablet web browser to access ServicePoint or are you talking about the ServicePoint Mobile App?
Yes, Lindsay. The users use smartphone browser to ServicePoint.